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Our experiences

Removal, repair and installation of reactor internals in continuous catalyst regeneration units:

  • Seal plate.

  • Shed Tray.

  • Johnson Screens meshes.

  • Scallops.

  • Center Pipes.

  • Removal, Repair, Manufacture and installation of Cyclones.


Removal, repair and installation on types of plates:

  • Bubble Cap Tray.

  • Jet Tray.

  • Fixed Valve Trays.

  • Moveable Valve Trays.

  • Collector Tray.

  • Sieve Tray.


Repair and retubing 100% of Boilers:

  • Replacement of Burners.

  • Replacement of walls and Tube Bank.

  • Rectified and expanded tubes of the Home.

  • Repair and interconnection of mud drum and steam drum.

  • Repair of pipe expansion joints.

  • Repair of ring expansion seats on site.

  • Refractory replacement.

  • Insulation replacement.

  • Replacement of heater tubes.

  • hydrostatic tests


Removal, repair and installation of reactor internals in hydrodesulfurization units:

  • All types of dishes including manufacturers such as (Haldor Topsoe, Shell Global Solution, UOP and Axens).

  • Johnson Screens meshes.

  • Center Pipes.

  • Flexible and rigid thermocouples.


Removal, repair and installation in types of structured packaging:

  • Structured Packaging.

  • Conventional Packaging.

  • Grid or FlexiGrid packing.


Oven Repairs:

  • Repair and replacement of tubes and elbows in the convection and radiation zone in vacuum and atmospheric furnaces

  • Removal and installation of refractory.

  • Replacement of floors, walls and ceilings.

  • Replacement and repair of burners.

  • Power, gas and pilot gas lines.

  • Replacement of heads in raw and vacuum furnaces.

  • Replacement of tubes in reforming furnaces.

  • Pigtail replacement.

  • Repair and/or replacement of furnace chimneys.


Removal, repair and installation of internals in all types of towers:

  • Atmospheric Distillation Towers.

  • Vacuum Towers,

  • Fractional Towers.

  • Stripping Towers.

  • Scrubber Towers.


Removal, repair and installation of:

  • Gravitational Distributors.

  • Fit Piping

  • Chevron type mist eliminator.

  • Meshes.

  • Gas Distributor (Schoepentoeter).

  • Steam Horn.

  • Nozzles


Other services:

  • Coker Removal with Pneumatic Hammers .

  • Assembly, Disassembly, Repair of Tube Sheets, Retubing, Expansion, Extraction and installation of Ferrules and Hydrostatic testing in Heat Exchangers.

  • Manufacture and assembly of stainless steel, chrome and alloy steel pipes.

  • Installation of Capsules in Pipes.

  • Hydrostatic test (following ASME codes and standards).

  • All kinds of mechanical works.


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