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Our Services

In any company in the hydrocarbons area, engineering design, planning and project management for oil plants and facilities is of vital importance. Read more...

The system of tanks and spheres of a refinery has the function of ensuring the continuity of the installation with the products to be processed and the storage of already refined derivatives for delivery to customers.


Daily wear and tear on equipment represents a constant challenge for petrochemical plants, as well as onshore refineries and offshore platforms, 


The service of purchase and sale of oil and all its derivatives including petrochemicals, both for import and export to customers with high demand for them... Read more...

The Hydrocarbon Transportation service and related construction materials, coordinating all the logistics to reserve the appropriate vessels for the volume you have reserved, both at the port of loading and unloading.


Making metal structures for refineries is a complex, laborious job that requires expert and qualified hands. The elements must be prepared for the chemical process to which they are going to be subjected and the chemicals that are going to transport said piping system.... Read more...

Our engineering staff is highly qualified and certified 

internationally to provide the necessary technical assistance to the oil industry,

We offer a wide range of specialized services in the area of assistance and maintenance for oil installations,

We provide logistics programming services for the mobilization and engineering for the handling and lifting of heavy and extra heavy loads,  Read more...


Our experience

  • Execution of Multidisciplinary Projects.

  • Major Maintenance

  • Special Welding Services in Pressure Vessels in the Oil Sector,

  • Petrochemical and Gas in Plant Shutdowns.

  • Emergency works.

  • Removals

  • Repairs

  • Installations

  • mounts

  • Teardowns

  • Retubed

  • Expansion

  • Extraction

  • Hydrostatic Tests

  • Fabrications

  •  

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